Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Next Big Thing

Thank you Teresa ( for asking me to blog as part of 'The next Big Thing'.

Unless we've already had a mega hit, we writers always hope our next book will hit the big time...become The Next Big Thing. So I'm going to blog about my next teen novel, Deceit, which is out in January 2013.
Published by Templar, it's the sequel to Wickedness (Templar Sept 2011). One reviewer called it twistorical fiction with a touch of terror. What a great description! History with a twist. Accurate too, because one half of each novel is set in either 17th century London or Paris. And there's a dash of Ancient Egyptian mystery in there too (I'm blogging as Nefertaru for Templar in January).
Samuel Pepys was my inspiration for both novels. He mentions going to see an Ancient Egyptian mummy in his Diary, so I just had to research what they knew about Ancient Egypt in the 17th century (They couldn't read hieroglyphs and thought that the writing was magical. They also believed there was a lost text called the Hermetica that contained all the secrets of the'd want to get hold of that wouldn't you?) So mystery, danger, magic. Perfect ingredients to make some intricately plotted twistorical fiction. How could I resist? And luckily for me, Templar commissioned Wickedness and its sequel Deceit...and gave me invaluable help with that intricate plot. Wickedness took a long time to write. There were two strands of story that needed to be woven about each other. One about Claire in the 21st century. One about Margrat in the 17th. There was a lot of research to do. The characters emerged slowly and developed with each draft. Deceit was written much quicker, though I had written a whole first draft using a different 'voice' (Martha's) before I realised it just wasn't working. Once I went back to using Margrat's voice it all fell into place and the story fairly whizzed along!
A lot of people have kindly said Wickedness would make a great film. I absolutely agree and would like to ask Johnny Depp if he would be available to play Nicholas Benedict, my wicked 'anti-hero'! Seriously though, since the deadly attraction between Margrat Jennet and Nicholas Benedict is crucial to the plot of Wickedness, I guess I would have to leave it to a casting director to get the on screen chemistry right. (Think Michelle Pfeiffer and John Malkovitch in Dangerous Liaisons. Phew! ).
And if I had to sum up the storyline of Deceit? Not sure I can do better than the blurb on the cover: WHO CAN YOU TRUST WHEN WICKEDNESS RETURNS?

Alexander Gutteridge will be posting about her new novel on Saturday 25th November. (
Pippa Goodhart will be publishing a blog about her upcoming novel on Alex's site on Sat 1st December.
Rose Impey is in the process of getting a new website so was going to blog, but now isn't. But look out for her Sir Lancelittle stories when they come out next year. I've already ordered a signed copy!

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  1. Oo, I like that Twistorical Fiction label! And I'm really looking forward to reading Deceit. I gather the film makers are looking for a different kind of film to make for teenagers post vampires, so you may be in luck. Send the books to Tim Burton (thinking of the Johnny Depp link), I dare you!!