Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just One Good Book

Was recently asked to list my favourite books/authors. Hard. Mostly its individual books I love and then others by the same author never quite match up. The others may be good...but not AS GOOD. Is it true do you think that as a writer you only have 'one good book in you'? And does it matter? (Maybe not if you get squillions of pounds from it. I'm does help!) And another question...would you choose to write a critically acclaimed...but miserably financially rewarded book? Or a massively lucrative, but scathingly reviewed title? Phew. Tough choice!
Recently read and hugely enjoyed 'Mr Chartwell' by Rebecca Hunt. Her first looking forward to seeing what her next is like. Or Arundhati Roy she'll leave just leave us wanting more. And that may be a clever thing to know the 'genius' dies young scenario. Keats for instance, I mean he could have done so much ...written some really outstanding poems! Oh and Jude Morgan's novel 'Passion' which tells the stories of all the women in the lives of the Romantic brilliant. Haunting. Check it out.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Wool Smugglers

Novel research uncovered this interesting fact: wool smuggling was rife in the 17th century. Wool went across the channel from England to France. Returned as finished goods. no tax to pay. Nowadays its drug smuggling. Wonder if they had a wool smuggling terminology? So maybe 'Score us a skein' or "Got a hank?' or I'm totally knitted! Adds a whole new meaning to the idea of 'needle exchange'!

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